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Attract New Clients with your Blog Post – If you have a business you probably have a website and if you have a website you’ll need content. You can have visually stunning website, with great fonts, colors and design, but the most important part of your website is your content. Without quality content, your website cannot survive. Content is key!  Read more


How to develop your Unique Selling Proposition  – Do you know what your unique selling proposition is?  Do you have one? Knowing how to develop your unique selling proposition (USP) will help you speak to your ideal market, boosting company awareness and ultimately sales! Often an effective USP can be summed up in a brand tagline. Knowing how to develop a brand tagline that speaks to your ideal audience will help with market positioning, brand visibility and promotion. Read more.


How to Write Killer Content People Actually Read & Share – Writing a blog post can take hours. In fact, Copyblogger estimates that it takes their bloggers five to seven hours to complete a post, including researching, writing and editing. It definitely shows. Copyblogger gets an enormous amount of traffic. Their content is read, shared and re-shared over and over again. Still, there are studies that say many bloggers spend less than two hours on a piece.  I’ve tried reading those blogs. It shows. Moral of the research, if you’re gong to spend time writing a blog make it count. Read more.


Create Professional Looking Headers for Social Media Profiles – Ever wonder how to create a professional looking header or banner for your social media profiles? Ready to get rid of that plain blue default background and replace it with something that truly speaks your language? With so many social media channels available you have plenty of places to promote your business, but each channel has different dimensions when it comes to those header images that sit behind your little photo. LinkedIn is longer than Twitter, Facebook is higher than LinkedIn, and Google + is completely different than most. Read more.


Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence and Boost Sales – Creating an online presence doesn’t happen over night and it is not as easy as just setting up a website and bam you’re in business. There are several factors that can take your online presence from little to big in a matter of months, yes months if you are diligent and put effort towards it daily. This is the first in a two part series listing smart tips to build an online presence and boost sales. Read more.


Six proven steps to grow your business online – What are the necessary ingredients to build your business?  It seems to be an age old struggle, you had a bright idea and decided to start your business, you have a few clients but what next?  After all there are not enough hours in the week to keep juggling the networking events, content development, social sharing etc.  It’s  overwhelming, especially when you’ve been working and working but seeing very few results. Read more.