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Energy Healing – 7 energy healing life hacks that will shift the energy in your life. Realize that everything is energy.  Think of your mind as energy, everyone can have negative and positive thoughts. It is your job to focus on the thoughts that make you feel good this can be done by controlling your breath. Now its up to you to decide which thoughts to let go that don’t make you feel good in the heart. Energy flows where attention goes. read more



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Safe Chemical Free Sunscreen Every living thing on this planet uses the sun to survive. The sun is good for us, but it’s all about balance in life. Too much of anything can harm us especially sunscreen, I’m a victim my skin has been permanently dyed a different color where I consistently applied too much sunscreen. read more


Safe & Eco friendly clothing brands – Ethically created and chemical free, clothing that not only feels good on you but is easy on the environment.  Check out one of our favorites Slumlove Sweater Company. read more