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Developing Clarity and Self Confidence that Leads to Success – As consultantscoaches or online marketers we’re often told to share our story of success, but what if you’re just getting started?  What can you possibly share? That seems to be an ongoing question for many people just getting their business up and running.  And it’s that one question that tends to create the brick wall for most new coaches and online business owners.  It may be a fair question.  If you’re just starting your business, you probably don’t have a huge list of testimonials or a long line of clients waiting for your expertise – yet!

Don’t let that stop you. We all start somewhere.  I bet if you weed through all the ‘stuff’, the mind games, or the self-inflicted obstacles you’ll see that you’ve had plenty of success.  It may be in other areas of your life, but if you look you’ll find your own success. Read more.



SMART goals to stop procrastinationStop Procrastinating and Just Do It! – Have you ever looked in awe at the newbie business owner who has all her systems set-up ready to go after a couple of weeks? Or the self disciplined writer who has just completed her first book in 6 months and you’re still struggling to write your ABOUT page?  What is it about some people that they just seem to get things done.

Here’s the secret – get ready it might sting a bit:  successful people have structure. UGH, that word – yuk, it’s a word most business owners loath, c’mon we wanted freedom to let our creative juices flow, set our own schedule and take time to enjoy the day. Yet, have you ever noticed that the day never really ends – especially when your office is at home.  That’s because the fundamental building block of success is structure.  Without structure it’s hard to get anything done effectively and efficiently. Read more.



clarity and self confidence are key to successClearing the Path to a Thriving Online Business – Just like any area of life you are hoping to build upon, you must start with a solid foundation, one that can support expansion. Any architect will tell you that you can’t start with the roof and work down. You must have a clear plan in place on which to build.  The same holds true for business, whether it’s offline or online. In order to be successful, you MUST begin with a solid foundation, which begins with a clear and specific understanding of your ultimate objective. You have to get clear on what it is that you are trying to accomplishRead more.